My name is Tracy and I am a photographer and graphic designer based in Johannesburg. My background in both of these art forms allows me to add just the right touch of creativity and design flair to make your photos sparkle.

“My passion for photography goes back to taking my first picture at the age of 10. The subject was my father who was standing under a Jacaranda tree outside a rural hospital. “

My photography training began over20 years ago while working and residing in game reserves and photographing wildlife and the natural beauty of the South African bush. 

After moving back to the city, I now enjoy interacting with children to capture the innocence of youth at play, a moment in time for busy families; and creating beautiful portraits of people in celebration. I feel these moments frozen in time, never to return, remind us of what life is really all about, to take that moment to stop rushing and reflect on pure love, I've become especially passionate about photography since having my gorgeous little boy seven years ago.

I have a Diploma in Professional Photography and belong to a local photographic society where I share my passion with like minds.  I am a trained graphic designer and many years spent practicing as a graphic designer have honed my skills and love of line, texture and colour, which I infuse into all my photographs to create the maximum impact. 

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